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Our Services

Wealth Management

Leviticus has years of experience tailoring bespoke advice in financial services, including investments, accountancy, taxation, estate and retirement planning.

Lifestyle / Concierge

Leviticus has a wide network of partners/advisors who are on hand to provide services such as hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, private flights and transport, security, events and sourcing luxury products.


Leviticus our proud of having an efficient, effective approach managing elite athletes and their professional careers. Our representation services include contract and transfer negotiations, mentoring and sponsorship.

Mental Health & Well-Being

Leviticus has vast experience of understanding the demands and needs of keeping athletes’ mindsets strong and focused, to perform at the highest level. We have a team of leading professionals, such as nutritionists, psychologists and sport therapists.


Leviticus use reputable media outlets to devise tailored plans to open additional and future proof revenue stream opportunities to enhance our clients’ profiles.


Leviticus work with other intermediaries and agencies, clubs and organisations to facilitate transactions and agreements.


Leviticus has a clear understanding of what a player needs to rise and remain at the elite level. We have a very strong team including top strength and conditioning coaches to recovery experts to elevate on and off pitch performance.