Our Services

Wealth Manangement

Leviticus has years of experience of offering financial services and advice, including investment advice, accounting, tax services, estate planning and retirement.


Leviticus has a wide scaled network of partners/advisors who are on hand to provide services such as hotels, restaurants, private flights, security, events, designer brands, cars, jewellery and pets.


Having an on hand approach managing professional footballers sporting careers, such as contract negotiations, transfers/sponsorship, mentoring and working close with families.

Mental Health & Well-Being

Leviticus has years of experience of understanding the demands and needs of keeping players mindsets strong and focused, whilst playing at the highest level.

We have a team of leading professionals, such as nutritionists, psychologists and sport therapists.


To enhance our clients profile we use reputable media outlets to put together a tailored plan to maximise PR exposure.


We work with other intermediaries on behalf of their players, also football clubs to complete deals.


Leviticus has a clear understanding of what a player needs to get to the top.

We have a very strong team from top strength conditioning coaches and sprint coaches.